To inspire a sense of wonder and respect towards the natural world through photography and videography

I was born with a love for all wild things. After starting birdwatching at the age of 13, I found myself wanting to take photos of the birds I was discovering. I sold my video games, bought my first camera and lens, and became obsessed with the thrill and tranquility of nature photography.

For a time, photography was more like a sport for me. I wanted to take as many close up photos of as many animals as possible, mostly without purpose or direction. This changed after I purchased a camera with HD video capabilities. That summer I filmed and edited a short documentary about the impact of birdwatching on the lives of Mexican children. Suddenly, I realized the power my work had to tell stories, inspire others, and spark change.

After studying Natural Resources at Cornell University, I am still exploring how I can best contribute to the conservation of nature. I have worked in the fields of environmental education, wildlife biology, sustainable agriculture, and land management, but my dedication to support conservation with photography and videography continues to grow. I strongly believe in using multimedia to promote awareness and support for all future conservation projects that I work on.