Supporting conservation by featuring the species and places at risk and telling the stories of efforts to protect them.


When I was 13, my interest in birds drove me to invest the little money I had in a camera. For a while, I photographed nature for fun. After buying a camera with video capability, I made a short documentary on an environmental education initiative and discovered the ability to tell important stories that could make a difference. Since then I have been dedicated to using photography, videography, and writing to inspire people to explore and care for nature.

Prior to focusing my career on multimedia, I studied natural resources at Cornell University and worked in the fields of forest restoration, prairie restoration, fire management, environmental education, and volunteer coordination. In 2018 I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, to work for the National Audubon Society as the communications and marketing manager for Audubon Rockies. There, I use multimedia to uplift efforts to conserve grasslands, sagebrush steppe, rivers, saline wetlands, native gardening, and environmental education.


After Colorado's massive wildfire season in 2020, I created Fireforest, a long-term multimedia project creating support for forest restoration.